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What are Orthobiologics?

Orthobiologics are biological substances that are made from substances that occur naturally in the body. These are used to help injuries to heal more quickly and for arthritis to help bones and tissues regenerate and heal.

In addition to stem cells, PRP, and amniotic products, we can use Orthobiologics such as Synvisc, Synvisc-1, Hyalgan, Hymovisc, and Orthovisc.
These are injectables with a gel consistency. We usually use these for knee osteoarthritis to cushion the joint but we can also use for other joints.

Orthobiologics Procedure

We use our NextGen Logice® ultrasound machine to help image the needle and the joint. The hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the interior of the joint that contains cartilage and joint fluid.
Here is a video of the injection by the manufacturer. At Sikora Integrative Medicine, we ensure greater precision with the use of ultrasound guidance.

If you would like a consultation please contact the office, and we will schedule one to answer any questions you may have. 

What is Synvisc?

Synvisc® contains a gel-like mixture made from a substance called hyaluronan that comes from chicken combs. Hyaluronan is a natural substance found in the body and is present in very high amounts in joints. The body’s own hyaluronan acts like a lubricant and a shock absorber in the joint and is needed for the joint to work properly.

Who can benefit from Synvisc-One®?

It is most commonly used for patients with knee osteoarthritis when patients have pain that affects daily activities, such as extended standing and walking, and when adequate pain relief is not obtained from medications, joint steroid injections, or when these are unwanted. In short, Synvisc is most appropriate for patients who have exhausted other medical treatments and want to delay or avoid knee surgery.

How is SYNVISC® different from Synvisc-One®?

SYNVISC® is the same formulation as Synvisc-One®. The only difference is that Synvisc-One® is provided with one injection, compared to the three injections required for SYNVISC®. Both treatments can provide up to six months of osteoarthritis knee pain relief.

Does insurance cover this?

Synvisc-One® is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. Find Out Here

What are the side effects of Synvisc?

In studies, about 7% of patients experienced pain, swelling and/or fluid buildup around the knee. Other side effects, such as rash, have been reported rarely.
What is the procedure like?
Each injection takes a few minutes and is done in the office.

Can both my knees be treated with SYNVISC?

Yes. You can receive treatment in both knees at the same time or at different times.
When will I start to feel pain relief?

Some patients may begin to feel osteoarthritis knee pain relief immediately. Although everyone responds differently, most patients feel the greatest relief 8 to 12 weeks after the injection.Although all patients respond differently, your osteoarthritis knee pain relief can last up to six months.

Can I receive SYNVISC treatment more than once?

Yes, SYNVISC can be repeated safely. When your osteoarthritis knee pain returns, talk to your doctor to see whether SYNVISC or Synvisc-One is right for you.
What happens after the injections?
It is recommended that you avoid strenuous activities (for example, high-impact sports such as tennis or jogging) or prolonged weight-bearing activities for approximately 48 hours following the injection. You should consult your doctor regarding the appropriate time to resume these activities.